Spammer on the list?

Donna Halper
Tue May 31 13:54:12 EDT 2011

Garrett wrote--
> That's one of the things that spammers do.  Sorry that the message got
> delivered to the whole list; unfortunately, there's not a whole lot
> that I can do to fix it without moderating all traffic to the list,
> which I'm really reluctant to do.

These types of spam are usually not even sent by the person whose name 
is on them, as has been noted.  The person's name may have been in the 
address book of the guy or gal whose e-mail WAS hijacked.  Spam links 
usually have tag lines and jumps that say "for all my friends" or "you 
won't believe this" or "check this out", but with no explanation.  That 
is why Garrett's advice correct:  he has always asked that list-members 
never just send a link without first explaining what the reason for the 
link is, and telling how that link relates to the post we just sent to 
the list.

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