Does WMJX pay Dunkin Donuts to have station on?

A Joseph Ross
Sat May 7 22:42:46 EDT 2011

On 5/7/2011 10:16 AM, wrote:

> I can't believe that in my DENTIST OFFICE they have either Kiss 108 or 
> Mike 93.7 simply BLASTING.  Though I may like a lot of the songs, I'm 
> not sure that the volume level - resembling that of a college keg 
> party - or a mix of rap, metal, Lady GaGa, etc. is really what you 
> want while your teeth are being drilled & filled.  Somehow I liked the 
> late '50s dentist office environment of Leroy Anderson "Waltzing Cat" 
> etc. (well off in the background) better.

When I've heard music I didn't like at my dentist's office, I've 
complained, and they've changed it.  My current dentist's office usually 
plays classical music (they have an Internet radio), which is fine with 
me.  Except that last time they had WEEI on because the receptionist is 
a big Red Sox fan.  It wasn't too loud, and I decided not to complain.


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