Does WMJX pay Dunkin Donuts to have station on?

A Joseph Ross
Fri May 6 23:46:09 EDT 2011

On 5/6/2011 11:17 AM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> When did music in stores become foreground instead of background?  I remember that Muzak said that if you notice the music when entering a store, it was too loud.  The music was meant to be calming and friendly, and not noticed.
> Now it seems it's party time at the supermarket and restaurants where the music (usually some annoying mix of too-poppy or too-loud rock) is so loud it's distracting.

I once went with a colleague to discuss business over lunch at a new 
restaurant that had opened up near my office.  The place was incredibly 
noisy, and we found it difficult to have a conversation.  At some point 
the owner of the restaurant came by, greeted us, and asked how we liked 
the place.  I sounded off about the noise, but he clearly liked it that 
way and thought it was a sign of success.  I told him that in a 
restaurant in the business district, that kind of noise meant that 
people wouldn't come there to discuss business over lunch, but he didn't 
seem to care.  The restaurant didn't last long.

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