Does WMJX pay Dunkin Donuts to have station on?

Fri May 6 08:07:51 EDT 2011

I don't know how Margarita's does it, but I know the background music
channel for Hannaford supermarkets is controlled from their Portland
headquarters, and changes several times a day...50s/60s oldies in the
morning, then switches to 70s oldies mid-morning then to what is essentially
a Hot AC channel.  I wonder if the restaurant has a similar set-up and there
was some sort of problem with it?

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Roger Kirk <> wrote:

> I think they have friends/relatives in Exeter NH.  About a month ago, after
> the lunch hour at Margarita's somebody (not clear who) switched background
> music from the Sirius/XM Classic Rock channel to another source which was
> about 10 dB louder and in the middle of a song.  Volume dropped and at the
> beginning of the next song, it was switched back to Sirius/XM.  Volume was
> too low and was cranked backed up.  This silly exercise went on for about 20
> minutes or so.  At times, the music would switch songs and then switch right
> back.

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