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Thu Mar 31 13:39:56 EDT 2011

Another thing about unsolicited email that 'appears' to come from a known
source (i.e. Paypal):  
I've gotten a lot of emails from what appears to be Paypal asking me to
click on a provided link to correct something critically wrong with my
private information.  I always suspect phishing from these.  Many times, you
can see that the source was generated from someplace else just by hovering
your cursor over the link to reveal the link address.  If it's not
recognizable as the advertised source 
(i.e. NOT http://...paypal.com/... ), then it's probably bogus.

Paypal provides an address to which you can forward suspicious messages (
spoof@paypal.com ).  I wish others would do this as well.


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A few fundamentals of email/web/system security:

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