70 years ago today...

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CKGM was on 980--not 990--for many years. 990, was home, in addition
to CBW, to WNOX and WIBG, both running 10 kW-U in the eastern US. WNTP
(which used to be WIBG) now runs 50 kW-D/10 kW-N and, thanks to
changes in the US Canadian treaty that governs 990 (and probably some
other channels), was able, maybe 20 years ago, to remove one of the
towers from what had been its five-tower night array. As some point, a
990 was added in Miami (only 5 kW-U). And now there is another in
Orlando 50 kW-D/14 kW-N. Also, WLGZ, in what has to be one of the more
bizarre stories related to US/Canadian AM channels, moved from 680 to
990, what? 30 years ago? (Maybe more.) I think all of that
reconfiguration of 990 was what got CKGM onto 990 with 50 kW-U.

And I believe that it was CKGM's decamping from 980 that made it
possible for WTRY (now WOFX) to change from DA-1 to DA-N. And how much
of a role did WTRY's daytime change play in WCAP's power increase and
change from ND-D to DA-2?

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> Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> But the short spacing that bothered WLW the most (and caused WLW to
>> construct a DA) was to 690 in Toronto. My understanding is that 690
>> did not move to Montreal until NARBA or shortly thereafter. And I
>> believe it was the WLW situation that put 740 in Toronto to replace
>> 690, which was moved to Montreal. WLW's (four tower, I think) DA
>> with a rather simple pattern went bye-bye after the 500-kW
>> "experimental" operation was finally turned off.
> WLW's directional was only two towers - the big gun and a passive
> tower a considerable distance to the northeast to reduce radiation
> toward Toronto.
> The 690 allocation in Toronto was CFRB's, and it was moved to the
> new Canadian clear of 860. Later on, the CBC big-footed the 860
> allocation, forcing CFRB up the dial to 1010, where its own CBY/CJBC
> had been located.
> By the table method, it should have been CBL on 840 going to 860,
> but CBL instead moved to the new Canadian clear of 740 (created by
> inserting a 10 kHz "shim" between CKAC, which stayed on 730, and
> WSB, which moved from 740 to 750.)
> CBF in Montreal had been on 910 (the channel that went to 940 for
> CBM, which had been on 960 and would otherwise have gone to 990, a
> frequency that then became open for CKGM a few years later), and
> moved to 690 when that channel opened up in 1941.
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