70 years ago today...

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Mar 29 11:23:48 EDT 2011

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> But the short spacing that bothered WLW the most (and caused WLW to 
> construct a DA) was to 690 in Toronto. My understanding is that 690 did 
> not move to Montreal until NARBA or shortly thereafter. And I believe it 
> was the WLW situation that put 740 in Toronto to replace 690, which was 
> moved to Montreal. WLW's (four tower, I think) DA with a rather simple 
> pattern went bye-bye after the 500-kW "experimental" operation was 
> finally turned off.

WLW's directional was only two towers - the big gun and a passive tower 
a considerable distance to the northeast to reduce radiation toward Toronto.

The 690 allocation in Toronto was CFRB's, and it was moved to the new 
Canadian clear of 860. Later on, the CBC big-footed the 860 allocation, 
forcing CFRB up the dial to 1010, where its own CBY/CJBC had been located.

By the table method, it should have been CBL on 840 going to 860, but 
CBL instead moved to the new Canadian clear of 740 (created by inserting 
a 10 kHz "shim" between CKAC, which stayed on 730, and WSB, which moved 
from 740 to 750.)

CBF in Montreal had been on 910 (the channel that went to 940 for CBM, 
which had been on 960 and would otherwise have gone to 990, a frequency 
that then became open for CKGM a few years later), and moved to 690 when 
that channel opened up in 1941.


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