Rush Radio rebrands as Boston Talk 1200

Bob Nelson
Fri Mar 11 13:22:43 EST 2011

Not all ballgames are sleep-inducing though I guess it depends on how the
announcer is. (And yes, baseball. I'm sure Al Franken or various NPR announcers
would have me snoring in no time. :) ) Some are exciting, though it's
a game from
way back when we weren't suffering from attention deficit disorder. Things like
strategy can figure in, and people from Stephen King to Doris Kearns Goodwin to
George Will all love the game of baseball.  Of course in
the old days, we didn't have such long 'ad breaks', many pitching changes, etc.
Red Sox-Yankees games can be very long but the rivalry still keeps us

And we get to hear Joe Castiglione say words like "squander", as in "if the Red
Sox are unable to score now, after having the bases loaded and no out,
and now thanks to that double play they only have one run scored, a
runner on third, and two out, Dave,
that would really be a squander of a possible big inning". And doesn't
the Bible begin with, "In the big inning..." :)

Since you like classical music, I'm reminded of a Marx Bros. moment
where a symphony orchestra was playing the classics when suddenly the
brothers switched their music to
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game", which they began playing (heck, I'll
bet the Boston Pops has even done that song) and the Marx Bros.
whipped out gloves and started playing catch!

> I assume that by "ball game" you mean baseball because if you're famous for
> anything, it's your attempts to pick up night games on the Red Sox network.
> If so, then of course you'd have fallen asleep, the natural condition of
> someone watching baseball.  (There's video of Ted Turner snoozing away at
> games of a baseball team he owned!)

Of course in the case of catching games at work there would be no
watching, only listening to the radio. I will say that when the Red
Sox won their first world series in 86 years, I was in the process of
sorting mail, and, as baseball troubadour Terry Cashman put it, "I Saw
It On The Radio"

Can YOU believe it.

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