Rush Radio rebrands as Boston Talk 1200

Bob Nelson
Thu Mar 10 12:05:58 EST 2011

> The geniuses at the hotel had decided that they needed an energy management
> system to save on heating costs and thus had put the room's HVAC unit on a
> motion detector.  I had to wake up about every 45 minutes and flail my arms
> to get the heat to come back on! the hotel where my cartoon fan convention is, you put a
room key card in a slot near the front door of the room so it'll keep
things like AC, lights, etc. functioning while you're there.

There was talk about having to refresh the PPM so it would still
credit the station you're listening to. A few years ago I was a
"Nielsen household" for TV. They did give me a small amount of money
as a thank you. The TV innards were wired up to a box and I had a
remote control. Info on other people watching TV with me had to be
entered. When you changed a channel, you had to hit a confirm button,
and after awhile you had to hit a confirm button just so they could be
sure you hadn't fallen asleep while watching a long movie, ball game,
or whatever and kept it on the same channel.

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