Rush Radio rebrands as Boston Talk 1200

Mon Mar 7 15:14:57 EST 2011

From: "Garrett Wollman" <>

> It was suggested that many dittoheads were
> reporting in their diaries that they listened to Rush 12n-3p, 5 days a
> week, but the PPM shows that they actually tune out at the first break
> after the opening monologue and few come back for the rest of the hour
> (never mind the rest of the show).  The big winners are "safe for
> work" music formats which are often left on all day in retail
> establishments, medical offices, and similar establishments.

It appears one of the results of changing over to the PPM system was the 
"big name" memorable air talent has sufferred.

When people were forces to recall listeneing, the big names always came to 
mind.  Rush, Severin, Delilah, Howie, etc....all memorable, textural talent, 
did well under the old system.  People would respond that they listened to, 
say they listened to the entire shows (Maybe it felt like that, or the 
listeners thought they actually listened to the entire shows every day).  In 
reality, they were in an out....listening for much shorter spans than they 
even knew themselves.

Talent who would "make noise" and get talked about and were different enough 
to be memorable, were enough to do well under the diary system which 
depended on memory.

As Garrett said, non-descript talent "safe for work" music intensive formats 
are set to do well under the PPM.

I think we will see more and more talent being marginalized.

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