leasing a station to the Chinese Government

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 >Mark wrote-- > > Which you were a part of. :) > > I heard it this morning...a nice piece of journalism. I would have > liked to > hear something about how the pirate stations may be impacting WILD's > former target audience. >Yeah, as often happens, the reporter talked to me for about 20 minutes >and then used 20 seconds. She wanted to do a longer piece, in fact, but >you know the limitations-- if the local station is lucky, they get a >2-minute segment in Morning Edition. I was glad to see the story >covered at all (I pushed for it with a number of people); much more >deserves to be said on it. 
 About two weeks after the transition, Callie Crossley, appearing on channel 19's "Beat the Press" on Friday nights,
 which I'm sure many of you watch every week without fail, made the disappearance of WILD-AM as a local resource
 her pet peeve of the week. Dan Kennedy, whose blog "Media Nation" ( http://www.dankennedy.net ) usually covers stories 
 of this nature, was also a panelist on the show that night, but has not mentioned it since. As has been mentioned earlier,
 the Bay State Banner was on top of it toot sweet. If you click on to the WBUR story, and scroll down a bit, there's a comment
 by me about how the long-forecast demise of AM radio may finally be happening.

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