leasing a station to the Chinese Government

Blaine Thompson irw@well.com
Wed Jun 29 00:37:57 EDT 2011

On Tue, 28 Jun 2011, Sean Smyth wrote:

>If they're leasing the station for Chinese government propaganda, I
>reckon ratings are of minimal concern.

An excellent point, Sean.

>Also, that would mean ratings for any sporting events overseas (the 
>Olympics, being one example; breaking news, too) would have to be tossed,
>and I reckon the logistics of doing that may not be simple.

I think the concept is that Olympics programming (Covered by NBC, let's 
say) or breaking news (Covered by ABC Radio Networks, let's say) are okay, 
as NBC and ABC are U.S.-based.  The real-life scenario given to me by the 
Major Market Engineer was a HD subchannel leased to a Canadian company. 
The company gave the HD subchannel all their programming.

What's fuzzy to me in my mind is "Does the local NPR affiliate have to 
unplug its PPM metering when a program from the BBC comes on?  Or is that 
okay, because "the BBC is distributed in the U.S.A. by..."?"

- Blaine

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