Shortwave stations

Linc Reed-Nickerson
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> Beverage antenna?  I'm from Houlton. Whre was it?
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> Beverage antenna near Newburyport.
> I know of the huge beverage antenna near Houlton, Maine for AT&T, but
> until the mid 1960's there was a beverage antenna just west of
> Newburyport, MA.  When I was drafted in 1965 it was still there, when I
> came back from Vietnam in 1967 it was gone, anybody know what it was
> used for?
> Linc
It was located west of Houlton, one leg ran down by Nickerson lake.  Go 
to and the topo map shows the HUGE 

It is labeled "Transoceanic Receiving Antenna."  I'm told some of the 
concrete piers are still extant.

If anybody wants more info contact me directly.


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