Shortwave stations

Jim Hall
Mon Jun 27 11:06:02 EDT 2011

Speaking of old shortwave stations, when I was a kid, my orthodontist moved
to Andover and I had to see him there. I remember that we would exit from
I-93 at the Rte 125 exit. Right at the end of the ramp from 93, there was a
building with a huge antenna array behind it. I would guess there were 25 or
more towers with wires strung between them. I have always wondered what that

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Beverage antenna near Newburyport.

I know of the huge beverage antenna near Houlton, Maine for AT&T, but 
until the mid 1960's there was a beverage antenna just west of 
Newburyport, MA.  When I was drafted in 1965 it was still there, when I 
came back from Vietnam in 1967 it was gone, anybody know what it was 
used for?


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