Shortwave stations

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Mon Jun 27 20:05:30 EDT 2011

This was a local ham radio operator with lots of money.


On 6/27/2011 8:55 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> There was an area south of Route 2, west of Concord Prison, and east
> of 495 that, maybe 10 years ago, contained a large number (never tried
> to count but my guess is more than 15) guy supported towers that, I
> imagine were in the neighborhood of 200' high. I don't think they were
> illuminated, so that probably means they were a bit less than 200'.
> There did not seem to be any discernible pattern to the layout of the
> towers and I can't remember whether there were cables that ran from
> the tops of some towers to the tops of others. ISTR that there were
> cables and there may have been wires dropped from the cables--forming
> "curtains" of a sort. I do not recall receiving interference to radio
> reception (most likely, I was tuned to AM) as I drove past. I always
> wondered what these towers were. Given that MIT Lincoln Lab is in
> Lexington, not far from Hanscom Field and not all that far from the
> site of these towers, I wonder whether the towers were related to
> Lincoln Lab or the (just now closed down) military research facility
> at Hanscom. I once had a vague idea of the sort of work that research
> facility performed, but I can no longer recall.

>> Linc

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