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On 6/17/2011 11:14 PM, A Joseph Ross wrote:

> When I was in Bermuda in 1966, the two island radio stations were ZBM 
> and ZFB.  I believe ZFB was brand new at the time.  I think ZBM may 
> have operated on two frequencies, but I don't remember what they were, 
> but if WPTR has to protect ZNS1, I'm guessing that ZNS must be the 
> former ZBM and that ZNS1 is one of the frequencies on which ZBM 
> operated in 1966.

Amazingly enough I've managed to find the information booklet about 
Bermuda that I got back in 1966. It says that Bermuda's two radio 
stations, ZBM-1 and ZBM-2 operate at 1235 and 1340 "kilocycles" 
respectively.  ZBF must have been too new to get into that edition of 
the pamphlet.  Neither of them at 1540, which means that there can't be 
a station in Bermuda old enough to be protected by WPTR.

Looking up ZNS-1 on Wikipedia, I found that it isn't in Bermuda, but in 
the Bahamas.  And sure enough, it's on 1540.


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