Radio never warned me (regarding Spfld tornado)

Steve Snow
Fri Jun 10 12:56:54 EDT 2011

Just to throw another monkey-wrench in the works here, was there any attempt
to activate EAS at any or all of the stations in the area that everybody is
upset with... I know that EAS is currently an "evolvling paradigm" these
days, but I understand it is used to good effect in the midwest where
tornadoes are a more frequent occurrence and a more familiar presence.
Maybe before pillorying the stations themselves we need to look at the
system that was intended to serve just that purpose (warning the public) and
wonder why there hasn't been more of an effort to get it into shape so that
the folks that know (or are at least paid to know) what effects a storm will
have can activate EAS and put out the warning in a timely manner and not
rely solely on VHF warning broadcasts that most people don't yet have access
to.  On top of it all, these systems don't even require anybody to be
present at the stations if they are working correctly!  (And woe be to those
stations that wouldn't have activated... they really do deserve some wrath.)

Its not as if there isn't any precedent for this - just look to the east and
the Worcester area's history to be a guide.  Just because it doesn't happen
frequently isn't any excuse for taking the danger lightly!

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