How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Martin Waters
Mon Jun 13 21:23:54 EDT 2011

--- On Mon, 6/13/11, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
> I believe the reason is that that's how they manage the company:
> there's a radio segment, a television segment, an outdoor
> segment, and so on.  That's what gives you all those crazy internal
> economies where radio is paying rent to TV and so on . . .

    Ugh. You've reminded me that radio and TV -- generally, not just by CBS -- seem to be managed most often without regard for what will help make the product better. (In this case, grouping some radio and TV together instead of robotically separating them.) I usually try not to think about this :)) 

> When you consider the past efforts to get "synergy" at Westinghouse >and CBS mostly ended in failure, there's not much reason to believe >that there is any achievable cost savings as a result of having them >all in the same place.  The current extent of "synergy" is having TV >weather people do the radio weather forecasts, and running the >occasional segment from the CBS Evening at 7:04p.  Neither of these >require the TV people to be in the same building as the radio people.

    I was thinking of what you might call invisible synergy -- sharing tips, information, ideas. Things that are not necessarily obvious on the air. There's still value to personal interaction and relationships on the job -- in the vernacular, people helping each other out on occasion.

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