How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Scott Fybush
Mon Jun 13 16:46:28 EDT 2011

Mike Ward wrote:

> They moved it in with KPIX on Battery, and you are 100%
> correct...there is NO physical connection between the KCBS and KPIX
> facilities.  Each has separate news and operations areas, and there
> MAY be a way to get between them in the halls by going past the front
> desk.

I think the elevator stops on both the radio and TV floors, but my tour 
guide when Garrett and I visited the radio facilities there last year 
did not have card access to the TV floors, and didn't know anyone who did.

The Broadcast Center on W. 57th in NYC is similar - WCBS 880 is behind 
its own locked door on the eighth floor of the office tower there, and 
nobody else - not network radio, nor network TV, nor WCBS-TV - has access.

WCBS-TV isn't behind locked doors on the second floor of the TV studio 
area there, but it might as well be. I all but got physically chased out 
of the channel 2 newsroom when I wandered through with a senior 
engineering executive from the TV network side a few years back. They 
are VERY protective of their space, apparently.


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