How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Mon Jun 13 16:28:50 EDT 2011

The best place for a WBZ aux would be the WEZE site at Wellington
Circle. The most cost-effective approach would be to use just one
tower, which would allow something between 5 and 10 kW and possibly
more. At 1030, the towers are well over 1/4 wavelength high and are
~280 degrees apart. By using both towers, WBZ could produce an
interesting three-leaf-clover pattern with two narrow lobes (one
pointing more or less north-northeast and the other pointing more or
less south-southeast). A fat main lobe would point due west. Depending
on how the skywave would affect the 1030 in Puerto Rico,
significantly more than 10 kW ought to be be possible with two towers.
I don't think the green-eyeshade types at CBS would be interested in a
setup that used more than one tower, though.

The WRKO site in Burlington would be another possibility, especially
for ND operation. But for a directional setup, the orientation of
those towers (75 degrees true) is not as favorable as that of WEZE's
towers (90 degrees). WEEI's easternmost tower--the shortest of the
WEEI's three towers--is a third possibility for ND operation. I
believe that tower is 211 degrees at 1030 and so would be very

It would be interesting to see how much power the FCC would allow.
Because WBZ is directional, a waiver of the rule that constrains the
aux 0.5 mV/m contour to lie entirely within the main 0.5 mV/m would
probably be required. Maybe not though, because the area where the aux
0.5 mV/m contour would lie outside the corresponding main contour
would lie over open water. That situation presumably already exists
with the aux at 1170 SFR.

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> Perhaps, but what about the Allston backup tower?  I would assume
> that
> any plans Harvard has for that land do not include leaving the tower
> intact.  And moving a tower is a rampaging pain in the butt.
> Despite
> how little use it gets, I know WBZ has been mighty thankful they've
> had that backup the times they *have* used it.
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> Scott Fybush
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> But having said that: I'm sure CBS would sell if the offer was
> right.
> They've moved most of their O&Os out of their historic homes in
> recent
> years, building separate new TV and radio plants (usually in leased
> space).

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