Radio never warned me (regarding Spfld tornado)

Kevin Vahey
Sat Jun 11 21:00:14 EDT 2011

All I was saying is you can gear up for a noreaster knowing a day or 2 ahead...

Chicago TV goes nuts all summer long with warnings and radar taking up 50 percent of the screen.
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(snip snip here, snip snip there ... and a couple of fah-di-lahs... note the 
trite tornado tie-in)

With all due respect to my dear bud Kevin (et al) -

You may not be able to " plan for a tornado or earthquake... "   but "bleep" 
Advertisers DO agree to per-play sponsorships of Storm Related information. 
On the stations with whom I've been employed, now more than (oh gawd help 
me) 30 years - EVERY SINGLE ONE - we have "Storm Center" sponsors that 
agree, annually, to a "sponsorship" for each instance of "storm coverage." 
Snow, Hurricane, Flood - what have you.
 Just sayin' - It IS  a regular practice on radio.  So Bill O may be 
slightly cracked, warped and demented in that way in which we love him so... 
but not in regard to his "out of the box" yet "in the box" thinking.

--Chuck Igo

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