WCAP Turns the Big Six-Oh

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Jun 11 20:53:17 EDT 2011

>> I shared this interesting tidbit during my appearance yesterday: In 
>> WCAP's 60 years they've only had 1 studio location, 1 set of call 
>> letters, 2 transmitter locations and 2 different owners. How many 
>> other broadcast outlets, TV or radio, can come close to that?
> I'm glad that you were a contributor to the day - it wouldn't have been 
> the same without you.

I enjoyed the chance to just sit back and listen. I suspect my brief 
flicker across the 980 airwaves two decades ago (!!) has probably, and 
mercifully, been forgotten by most of the Merrimack Valley by now...so 
I'm happy to salute WCAP's anniversary in my own way on Tower Site of 
the Week.

(And I may yet unearth my tapes of my first WCAP appearances later this 
week, to mark the precise 20th anniversary of same. Hopefully I got some 
quality Bill O' Show material on the newsroom boombox around my own 


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