cookout reminder

Sat Jun 11 16:32:38 EDT 2011

I'm guessing that there were at least eight list members at the 2002 
event, not counting Gary himself. Some brought guests, so the total 
number of attendees with connections to the list must have been in the 
mid teens. A larger number would be nice this time, but the number of 
attendees last time was large enough that, to me at least, the 
gathering didn't seem in any way forlorn.

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>I do remember meeting Donna, Dan S., and some others there. Gary F. 
>our host was doing his WCAP show
> from a trailer in the parking lot and at one point a bunch of us 
> were singing the theme from Boomtown, etc.
> I couldn't remember the actual year--2000? 01? 02?--but I looked it 
> up by remembering a sad occurance that had happened that day. As I 
> drove to Chelmsford, the Red Sox game was on and they had mentioned 
> a major league pitcher had been found dead of a heart condition in 
> his hotel room. It was Darryl Kile. So I looked up Kile in Wikipedia 
> and it said he passed on June 22, 2002. Kind of a sad way to try to 
> remember what year
> the cookout was held in...
> Fybush's North East Radio Watch for this week mentions the upcoming 
> cookout. 

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