Radio Farm Programs

Ted Larsen
Wed Jun 8 12:41:39 EDT 2011

Doug: It was Guy Parris. A good guy.

I found this from 2002. Interesting stuff.

You left out
the Guy Parris agriculture-farm report, at I believe, 5:55 a.m. It was the
last remnant on WBZ of the really old-fashioned notion of the Class I /
nowadays Class A stations providing programming to serve the rural
boondocks. Gave you all the egg prices at the Boston market. Good stuff.
Browns were worth more than whites -- it's a Boston thing.

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> There has been a thread on the New York Broadcasting History board for the 
> past couple of days that in part has dealt with an early morning farm 
> report that used to be on WABC during its Top 40 heyday.  It was an 
> anomaly as far as the station's format was concerned, but one respondent 
> said that such programs were required of all radio stations years ago, no 
> matter how far they were from agricultural areas.
> I remember when WBZ used to have a half-hour farm report very early on 
> Sunday mornings (5:30 to 6, I think).  I believe it was hosted by a fellow 
> named Guy Ferris (or Farris).  The theme tune for the program was Sir 
> Percy Grainger's "In An English Country Garden."   If I'm not mistaken, 
> this show lasted into the 1990s.   What became of it and of its host?
> How many other such programs do BRI folks remember?
> -Doug

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