Phase out over-the-air signals? (was: Re: WCRB to simulcaston88.7in R.I.)

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Other than commercials for storm windows, backyard sheds, and a small
bank or two, what is Wightman doing these days? I assume that he
writes and produces all of those spots; seems unlikely that an agency
copy writer could tailor them to his style and personality anywhere
near as nicely as he can do it himself. Also, I suspect that the
window outfit and the shed outfit are owned by the same guy. Anyway,
the fewer the others are who skim off part of the take, the more money
Wightman makes. Still, it seems unlikely to me that his income from
those spots could provide much more than a small (and probably very
welcome) supplement to what he needs to live on.

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> Bob - do  you ever hear from any WXKS-AM staffers as you pretty much
> took
> over when they  flipped
> ------------
> Haven't been in contact with anyone from there excepting Bill
> Wightman,
> the morning man, and Chris Clarke, who I hired there (WXKS) in  1984
> (I think
> Chris did 10PM shift or overnight shift).
> ----BB

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