Phase out over-the-air signals? (was: Re: WCRB to simulcast on 88.7in R.I.)
Sat Jun 4 02:01:04 EDT 2011

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This may  be so right now, but when nobody is listening to AM radio, Bob 
will have  to change or get out of the business, and selling the station 
may not be  much of an option if nobody is listening.

Or perhaps by the time Bob's  older audience stops listening, Bob will be 
ready to retire  anyway.

Audience stops listening?  Probably a nice way of saying "dieing  off".   
That was said of the Music of Your Life format back in the  mid-late 1980's; 
but now in 2011, it's still going strong, listenerwise, as  before. Likely 
due to adjustments such as occasional songs thrown in by The Four  Seasons, 
Gary Lewis & Playboys, Shirelles, Crystals, Vogues, Beatles,  Turtles, Gore, 
Elvis, Darin, etc., but not Sam the Sham & Pharoughs, nor  Iron Butterfly. 
And those 40's and 50-somethings.... they love to hear the  standards 
classics from Helen Forrest, Goodman, Shaw, Miller, Andrews Sisters,  Eddie Fisher. 
 Check out "Friends & Lovers of WJIB" (not started by me)  on Facebook, and 
see what the people in their 20's thru 60's are  saying.   - As for AM 
radio? Don't know the future, but I do know that  a station will be listened-to 
if it's doing something different, and people like  the idea of being 
serenaded by someone else, where the only efforts needed is to  flip the "on 
switch" on a radio.  - I also think that additional future  fees will stifle 
4G-smartphones' predicted viral spread.
On internet streaming.... it amazes me how the labels have successfully  
gotten the Copyright Royalty Board to get non-station streamers to actually 
PAY  for the privilege of running 24-hour commercials for the labels! 

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