Phase out over-the-air signals? (was: Re: WCRB to simulcaston88.7inR.I.)

Kevin Vahey
Sat Jun 4 01:03:02 EDT 2011

Scott - you have no idea the power struggle going on here with NBC

I am just a well oiled keg in the wheel but somebody needs to take control before 7:59:59 Sat nite - Philly wants NBC BOC to answer to them??? - so we got NABET and IBEW going at it - Comcast says well we can fall back on CBC

The Ebersol thing is about to blow


Have card with IBEW 1228 and NABET 5 

You know the drill - just a pawn
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Kevin Vahey wrote:

> In the rent a car here in Vancouver the few AM's here are fine -
> Seattle comes in clear but otherwise the band is very quiet.

Vancouver is one of the few Canadian markets that still has most of its 
AMs, actually.

In the decade or so since I was last there, I think only one AM signal 
has gone dark, and it's been replaced by a new one:

600 CJOR/CKBD - gone, moved to 100.5 FM
690 CBU - still there, the largest CBC AM market, augmented by a fill-in 
FM signal on 88.1
730 CHMJ - ex CKLG ("LG73"), all-traffic
980 CKNW - still the big news-talker
1040 CKST - sports "Team"
1130 CKWX - all-news "News 1130"
1200 CJRJ - new ethnic signal since I was last in town
1320 CHMB - Chinese
1410 CFTE - sports "Team 2" (ex-CFUN, talk)
1470 CJVB - Chinese

All the AMs that had been in outlying parts of the Lower Mainland have 
gone to FM, and Victoria is down to just two AMs (CKMO 900 and CFAX 
1070), with one of those leaving AM soon, too.


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