WCRB to simulcast on 88.7 in R.I.

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Please don't give that awful post any more currency than it has gotten
already! It is largely meaningless gobbledygook that bears no relation
to reality. The station manager should be ashamed of himself for
having written it. Since he was obviously way over his head on the
technical stuff, he should have gotten help from a technical person at
WGBH. (And yes I am fully aware that iBiquity and the HD Radio
Alliance used the analogy to non-existent "stations between the
stations" in an ill-conceived advertising campaign of their own.) The
wonder of it is that he managed to omit the most important factor in
WJMF's signal improvement--an increase in antenna height from, IIRC,
131' AAT to 535' AAT. That more than quadruples the HAAT and is, in
effect, equivalent to increasing the ERP by a factor of more than 16.
That comes on top of an increase in ERP from 225W to 1200W. So
combining both the higher ERP and the greater HAAT, the station is
getting the equivalent of an 89-times increase in its power--that's
something like 38 or 39 dB! Not a full Class A signal, but it's in the
Class A league. Depending on the location, it may deliver 60 dBu to
nearly all of Providence.

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This blog entry, available on WJMF's website, may offer a little more
insight into
what they are thinking:

* WJMF Partnership with
WGBH<http://www.wjmf887.com/wjmf/news/wjmf-partnership-wgbh> Posted
On: Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 16:48

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