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I would assume that Part 15 would be Part 15 for everyone. You  give one 
person a pass then everyone should get one. What would prevent any of  these 
other services from interfering or producing spurs in the aircraft band?  It 
is not as if they did any sort of formal research on a  frequency?
If the FCC doesn't care too much about high-powered  pirates, why would 
they care about a flea  powered pirate? 
Why would a one watt an MP3 transmitter, a drive-in, or  Companion Radio be 
exempt? A drive in would be using a leaky coax transmission  system I would 
imagine, no idea how they get Companion Radio around, but the 1  Watt MP3 
is definitely illegal. Yet, you can still get  a one watt MP3 transmitter on 
Well you can get a KW transmitter on eBay too. It is contrary  to their own 
TOS Agreement but they are all still listed there.
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>>Something like a drive in theatre broadcasting audio on FM;  someone 
using a 
mini FM transmitter to rebroadcast an mp3 player or  XM/Sirius to their 
FM radio; or a nursing home
using "Companion  Radio" that reaches a few blocks (such as Blueberry Hill 
or  Brightview in Danvers) are permissible unlicensed. If you can pick up  
these stations within
a range of several miles, definitely  pirates.<<<

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