WILD changes?

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Wed Jun 1 11:07:33 EDT 2011

An hour or so ago, the programming, in English, was coming from
mainland China. The program hosts repeatedly referred to Beijing
as THIS city. My guess is that the Chinese government is sub-leasing
the signal from the outfit that is leasing the signal from Radio One,
pending FCC approval of the transfer of control. If true, what that
would mean is that R1 found someone who is able and willing to pay
the way-above-market price that R1 has been asking--or close to it.
The Chinese government has LOTS of $$$!

BTW, one of the programs I heard a part of was Massachusetts news, in
English, probably being read in Beijing. The reader obviously did not
speak English as a first language but, aside from the common
mispronunciation of Worcester as War-chest-er, she was doing a decent
job--even if it was a bit painful to listen to the heavily
Chinese-accented English. A previous program of world news was voiced
by a man with a Canadian accent and a woman with a British accent.
They were clearly doing the program from China. The time-checks were
for Chinese time. Wherever they were (probably Beijing), it was 7:00PM
when it was 9:00AM here. Also of interest, the Canadian/British hosts
of that program were not afraid to describe the conditions under which
migrant workers from rural China are housed in Beijing as completely

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Someone on radio-info heard a Sunday program host on WILD say it would
be his last program as the station had been "sold as of June 1". This
comes as news to many of us,
especially after some web searches. Another post said they saw some
kind of news from
WILD: "Syndication One is no longer handling Warren Ballantine and Rev
Al Sharpton" and we were told to check out the "all new News Talk 1090

As of right now, a dead air signal with thunderstorm-related static is
on 1090 at least here in Beverly. Any word what's going on? An LMA?
Just a format/program shuffle? WILD had been running Tom Joyner's
morning show followed by Ballantine, Sharpton, then classic soul after
4 pm

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