Most expensive thing I have ever won from a radio station

Karen McTrotsky
Wed Jul 27 13:31:57 EDT 2011

The WHDH Cash Call (nee: HDH Payphone) was indeed the best promotion in the
history of the market -- on many fronts

It was great because it got every at-home diary and it got every at-home
diary because the execution was even better than the contest.

"2,314 dollars is the HDH Cash Call amount, WRITE IT DOWN we may be calling
you"  Supple was especially good at selling it.

And since the listeners were writing down an amount right around the quarter
hour, wouldn't you know they'd pick up the diary at the same time and fill
THAT in as well. For the current quarter hour. And for the quarter hour
before that, and the one before that.

Execution of that contest, and Blair's continuation of the station's
historic emphasis on Boston and the  inner suburbs drove them to #1 in the
time around the  Blizzard of 78

Karen McT

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My aunt won WHDH Cash Call for over 11K in the mid 70's and did it with

Jess called her and she replied 'The Cash Call is 11,536 but you are not
Jess Cain - I know his voice and hung up' - well Jess played that clip which
she heard and then called her back.

WHDH Cash Call may have been the best promotion this market ever saw.

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