WEEI on HD-2 signals of WAAF, WKAF

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sun Jul 31 00:06:48 EDT 2011

It's not the full fledged move to standard FM, but WEEI is now apparently being heard on the HD-2 signals of
 both WKAF 97.7 (stick on Great Blue Hill, Milton) and WAAF 107.3 (Stiles Hill, Boylston). I can confirm I can pick up
 the 97.7 signal here in Beverly; one message board poster can pick up the HD-2 of 107.3 (but, for him, not 97.7) and Mark of Boston Radio Watch says he can confirm both stations are doing this.

 In the past WEEI was on the HD-3 signal of WMKK 93.7 (stick in Peabody). When I tried my HD portable (and I'm only about 5-8 miles from the MKK stick) they had Funkytown on the HD-2, but no HD-3. Now the question is, how many people know or care enough to go out and buy an HD radio, or start using the ones they may have bought already? No word if they plan to advertise this, as WXKS 1200 did when 107.9's HD-2 started to run them.

 This may help some people with reception issues (interference in workplaces, etc.) I will say the other night in the break room at work I found WCBS in New York with the Yankees game easier to pick up than 850 WEEI (though the game is also on 104.9 which comes in there but not on the workroom floor). One would think the Boston station would be easier but no...In any case, I may find I could have an easier time getting an HD-2 signal out of Great Blue Hill (trying to pick up in N. Reading or here in Beverly) than I would trying to pick up an HD-3 from Peabody...at least in some areas.

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