Re 1600-1700 Kh

A Joseph Ross
Sun Jul 24 23:12:21 EDT 2011

On 7/24/2011 12:59 AM, Thomas Heathwood wrote:

> Dan is no doubt right that  1600-1700 kh (then called kc) was not on many AM
> receivers prior to 1946, but it was on some.  I have a PHILCO Model 1938-4 which definitely has a freq, range well beyond 1600 kh.  As as child I used to listen to the police calls from New York City and later in Massachusetts in these parameters.
> Tom Heathwood

I thought it was just the opposite, that it WAS on most radios prior to 
1946, but not later, as the police moved to other frequencies.  I have 
an old 1930s radio that goes up to 1700, and I remember having an old 
radio in the 1950s that did.  It had the number "170" in smaller type, 
with the word "police" under it.  But I never heard anything but static 
at that part of the band.

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