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Joel was at WORC for a brief time after leaving WPOP and before joining 
WRKO.  He did the mid-morning show with Bob Bryar, occupying Johnny 
Gardner (John H.)'s former post when John moved to WMEX.  I can't 
remember exactly when it was --- 1964-65 or thereabouts.  He was there 
for perhaps four months.  And IIRC correctly, you're right, Sid, he 
worked briefly at 'BZ as well.  It was a very short stint.    -Doug

On Sun, 24 Jul 2011 23:28:42 +0000, Kevin Vahey  wrote:
I may be wrong but didn't Joel Cash briefly take over for Dick Summer 
at WBZ before he went to WRKO?
> Pretty certain Joel was at WEZE in 72-73 in their brief Top 40 days 
> before finding gold in religion. 
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> "In 1957, the air staff included Jim Dixon (was he not Jim Brokaw in 
> real life?) and Tom Evans (aka Neil Mack) but I vaguely recall some 
> other jocks I listened to on that station."
> Joel Cash also worked there, but I think that was probably 
> later...early 60's. 
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