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On 7/23/2011 6:23 PM, Cohasset / Hippisley wrote:

> WCOP was one of my two most-listened-to stations when I was in the 
> East Campus dorms at MIT '58-'62. (The other was then-WTBS, naturally. 
> WMEX was third because they didn't come in very well a lot of the 
> time.) I have carried with me ever since that "Plough Incorporated" 
> (which was the phrasing I heard over and over on WCOP) was 
> headquartered in Memphis. But I have nothing to back that up except 
> slowly fading half-century-old recollections. Bud Hippisley

I remember the tag, usually sometime around the news, "The Plough, 
Incorporated stations where you're never more than five minutes away 
from music!"  Once a week, on Sunday night, this wasn't true as WCOP ran 
a couple of public service programs obtained from WGBH.

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