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<<On Sat, 23 Jul 2011 00:02:02 -0400, Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> said:

> I haven't seen their license, but in all of the newspapers and 
> Broadcasting Yearbooks as well as in Billboard magazine, they are listed 
> as "WORL Boston."  WBSO, on the other hand, was always listed as a 
> Wellesley station, with a transmitter in Needham.  I can find what power 
> it had back then -- just need to dig out my old Variety or Broadcasting 
> Yearbook.

The 1935 BY says 500 watts, daytime only, for 920 in Needham.  The
phone number was Wellesley 2029, and the program director was Edward
W. Center.  The same issue shows Joseph Kirby's WMFH as a construction
permit on 1120 (also a 500-watt daytimer), and WMEX as 250-D/100-N in
Chelsea with the old ABC network.

Here's a roundup of the Boston facilities from 1935:

WAAB	1410	500 W					58 Winter St
WBZ	990	50 kW					Hotel Bradford
WBZA	990	1000 W (not clear why both are listed)	Hotel Bradford
WEEI	590	1000 W					"Boston"
WHDH	830	1000 W-D				Hotel Touraine
WMEX	1500	250 W-D, 100 W-N			Hotel Manger
WMFH cp	1120	500 W-D
WNAC	1230	2000 W-D, 1000 W-N			21 Brookline Ave.


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