Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Jul 23 00:02:02 EDT 2011

On 7/22/2011 9:45 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> WNAC in Squantum was, in fact, WNAC/WAAB in Squantum, right?

Yes, and in fact, there are still little pieces of the guy-wires and 
anchors (or whatever they are called) embedded in people's yards and 
some have bubbled up from the ground to be visible in several driveways, 
much as people in that part of Squantum have tried to dig them all up.  
There's also an abandoned shack that evidently was part of the 
transmitter.  I visited the neighborhood back in 2000.

And while I am thinking of it, thanks to Chris Hall for naming the other 
stations Sherwood Tarlow owned-- I had forgotten his involvement with 

> Dan wrote--
> When WORL or WBSO transmitted from the Wellesley/Needham area, was the
> station really licensed to Boston? 

I haven't seen their license, but in all of the newspapers and 
Broadcasting Yearbooks as well as in Billboard magazine, they are listed 
as "WORL Boston."  WBSO, on the other hand, was always listed as a 
Wellesley station, with a transmitter in Needham.  I can find what power 
it had back then -- just need to dig out my old Variety or Broadcasting 

Dan wrote--
> [Donna] would have to have been born no later
> than 1941 to have caught the program when it aired on 920. That would
> make her 70 now.

Never said I listened to the old WBSO, whether in Wellesley/Needham or 
when it moved into Boston circa 1939.  But I did say that some of the 
personalities who were on the original WORL stuck around the Boston 
market; and I do recall hearing them in the 1950s.  I was born in 1947 
and used to listen with my parents to the old WHDH (they loved Fred B. 
Cole, Ken & Bill, and Bob Clayton).  But some of the folks I mentioned 
from the new 1950 version of WORL absolutely were around when I was 
growing up.

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