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Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Fri Jul 22 16:04:45 EDT 2011

In an earlier post, I mentioned WHIL's AM-drive guy, whose name was--I
think--Bob Walsh, and described him as a low-budget Jess Cain.
Thinking about it--and not trying to take anything away from the
incredibly talented Cain--I remembered that Walsh, in addition to
being lucky if he were to have earned a salary 10% as large as Jess's,
handled all of the production himself and also read the news, whereas
Jess had the assistance of the redoubtable Pudge Flynn doing
production and such pros as Leo Egan reading the news. Some amazing
radio people worked at small stations and only a few of them received
any of the rewards they deserved.

I wonder whether Bob Walsh was related to now-retired WBZ AM-drive
news guy, Ed Walsh. Bob was probably a decade older than Ed, but they
might have been cousins--or brothers. Probably not, though; Walsh is a
very common name--especially around here.

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