1430 was Kiss 108-Rex Sox baseball

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But IIRC, Marlowe wasn't on 1430 until it had become WXKS (AM) and had
flipped to an adult standards format. Around that time, Alan Dary and
Betty Daye were also on the station. Must have been in the 80s (well,
maybe the late 70s). Bob Walsh and George Fennell were there in the
late '50s. I believe the station originally signed on (on 1540 with
250W-D) in 1954. It was kind of fortunate that the signal on 1540
interfered with WMEX 1510. WHIL almost immediately had to move and the
FCC determined that 1430 would work with 500W-D. But the big advantage
of 1430 over 1540 was that, on 1430, there was no daytime skywave from
50-kW WPTR. That must have decimated WHIL's puny 250W signal in AM-
and PM drive for the short period of time that it was on 1540.

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> Golden voice Bill Marlow was at WHIL for a bit as well...
> WTAO had some talent as well - Ray Walker who did weekend weather at
> channel 5 did afternoons in the early 60's.
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> In its heyday, WHIL was a very professional sounding little station.
> The format was what was called MOR back in the day. The morning guy
> did voices. (IIRC, his last name was Walsh--Bob Walsh, maybe.)  He
> was
> kind of a low-budget Jess Cain. VERY talented, but his talent was
> never really recognized. I think George Fennell did PM drive.
> Interesting about the race results. I can believe that WHIL ran
> them,
> but I don't remember them. It's quite amusing, though, that the
> first
> station I can remember than ran race results all day was also on
> 1430--but in New York, not Boston. The station was WBYN Brooklyn.
> lost its license for broadcasting the race results. After a couple
> of
> years of there being no station on 1430 in the New York market,
> WBYN's
> replacement emerged. It was the Newark News's WNJR, Newark (NJ).
> After
> many decades of different owners, different formats, and different
> calls, the station became Arthur Liu's leased-ethnic WNSW. And after
> being a signal that didn't reach a lot of the market for all those
> years, WNSW lost its two-tower site in Union. (This was the second
> site that the station had occupied since signing on; both sites were
> in Union.) Liu has now moved WNSW to the four-tower Clifton site of
> co-owned WPAT 930 (Paterson)--much further north than Union. From
> those four rather tall, self-supporting, top-loaded towers, WNSW
> probably gets out quite well. It now runs 10 kW-D/7 kW-N--enough to
> be
> called a (mostly) full-market signal.
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>>> Up until MOYL the only thing 1430 had was race results from
>>> Suffolk
>>> and
>>> Rockingham - every bookie within 50 miles listened.

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