1430 was Kiss 108-Rex Sox baseball

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 03:32:30 EDT 2011

LOL - They would print the unofficial number in the 7 Races edition BUT if the mob felt too many people had won they would use another track - the Record PAYOFF edition was the final word.

The Record printed around the clock as late as 1972. 

Babe Rubenstein and later Jim Hannon hosted the WHIL show.  
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These the same folks that used to get the "Number" from the Record-American
before the MA Lottery came to be....
-Paul H

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> My dad used to listen to that every night while we had dinner.  I'd love
> to hear an old aircheck of that!
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> Up until MOYL the only thing 1430 had was race results from Suffolk and
> Rockingham - every bookie within 50 miles listened.

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