Radio "apps" for smartphones....

Bill O'Neill
Fri Jul 15 14:38:56 EDT 2011

Scott - Way cool non-app to locate towers. Fun with the new phone on. Friday afternoon heading north from the metropolis of Rutland, VT. BillO
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Iheartradio gets all the Clear Channel stations, and Tune In Radio gets 
pretty much everything else. (There's also a Public Radio Tuner app that 
links to nearly every public radio station around the country.)

It's not an app, per se, but bookmark on your 
browser. Used from a location-enabled mobile device, this nifty little 
offering from our beloved Moderator quickly answers the question - "hey, 
what's that tower over there?," a function I expect to be using a lot in 
the next few days as I drive across the country!

s wrote:
> I heart radio
> Also, nobex radio
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> OK fellow radio nerds.
> I am hoping to pick up my first smartphone this weekend.
> What are the best "Apps" for radio nerds to have?
> Can you suggest any?
> Thanks!

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