Northeast coast Maine towers

Chuck Igo
Thu Jul 14 14:21:44 EDT 2011

I will have to dig through my old Navy days photos to see if I can find the
pics I personally took from a helicopter of the Cutler array in 1979.  Our
division officer was also one of the SAR pilots (Search&Rescue), and he had
a few seats open on a flight to take a photographer's mate up to shoot the
array for painting/maintenance planning.  I tagged along.  It is indeed
impressive, and still is today.  The VLF array is primarily used by subs who
will allow their comm-wire-antenna to float to the surface to catch incoming
message traffic and communications.

--Chuck Igo

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> They are indeed impressive
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> These are the towers of the Naval very-low-frequency installation at
> Cutler --- 26 of them, some as much as 989 feet high, all of them over
> 800, and all still very much active. I've never flown over them, but
> they are a spectacular (indeed, beautiful) sight from the ground at
> night, and can be seen for many miles. (snip)

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