Northeast coast Maine towers

Kevin Vahey
Thu Jul 14 11:51:51 EDT 2011

They are indeed impressive
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These are the towers of the Naval very-low-frequency installation at 
Cutler --- 26 of them, some as much as 989 feet high, all of them over 
800, and all still very much active.  I've never flown over them, but 
they are a spectacular (indeed, beautiful) sight from the ground at 
night, and can be seen for many miles.  The whole skyline --- 3,000 
acres ---is lit up like a Christmas tree.  Picture the antenna farm in 
Needham multiplied several times over.  I've taken visitors out to see 
them and the universal response has always been, "WOW!"  

"Incredible viewing" describes them well, Chris.  Worth the trip for 
all Boston area radio enthusiasts.  Even if I weren't a broadcasting 
buff, I would say that taken as a whole, the installation is among the 
most magnificent manmade structures in North America, if not the world. 

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 03:38:13 -0400, Chris Hall  wrote:
Just saw the most spectacular aerial flyover of Maine in HD on the 
Smithsonian channel, on the very
> northeastern coast near Calais the are 10 or so large self supporting 
> towers like those at the old WBNX
> in Carlstadt.  Anyone have an idea....were those part of RCA 
> transatlantic communications???
> If not in such large numbers with a pattern out to sea they could be 
> mistaken for an AM directional array. 
> If you have time check out this and many other state flyovers....they 
> are incredible viewing

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