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Thu Jul 14 12:45:19 EDT 2011

I was a huge fan of the "Electronic Mama," WVBF from the time I discovered
it in the summer of 1971.  I had been a rabid fan of WMEX up to that point,
but Bud Ballou moved to 105.7 that summer, and then John H. Garabedian was
fired from WMEX that fall.  Eventually, Ron Robin popped-up at WVBF, too...
And wasn't Jerry Morgan from WRKO at 105.7 for a time, as well??  They were
quite the force to be reckoned-with!

I drifted away from WVBF into 1972 as they went a bit too progressive for my
15-year-old taste.  I went back to WRKO because they were becoming more
progressive (to suit my taste).  I also liked WBZ-FM because it was
FM-Stereo and because I loved, LOVED Clark Smidt's, "The Music Show."  It
was especially entertaining when the automation machine went haywire and
mixed Clark's announcements with the wrong songs.  It occasionally shut down
the station earlier than their 2:00am nightly shutdown time.

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While I can't speak from a ratings perspective, I was a frequent listener to

the "Electronic Mama" back in the day. I listened frequently to 105.7 (and 
also to WBZ-FM 106.7....I liked the commercial-free pop...does that make me 
a bad audiophile?)

And as Boston-Providence 'betweener" I also listened to "JB-105" quite often

in the late 70s as well, not a big PRO_FM guy, and even would check out WGNG

550 in the summertime when I could listen till 8:30PM

-Paul H
Concord NH (Randolph MA back then...)

Heck, earlier in the decade I even would put in the earpiece in while I was 
supposed to be asleep to listen to Ken Mayer (sp?) on 1600 on Sunday 
Nights...I though is was cool that he talked but you couldn't hear the 
listener...that fascinated me for some odd reason

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