Kiss 108 (was: Red Sox game)

Paul Hopfgarten
Thu Jul 21 11:48:30 EDT 2011

While I can't speak from a ratings perspective, I was a frequent listener to 
the "Electronic Mama" back in the day. I listened frequently to 105.7 (and 
also to WBZ-FM 106.7....I liked the commercial-free pop...does that make me 
a bad audiophile?)

And as Boston-Providence 'betweener" I also listened to "JB-105" quite often 
in the late 70s as well, not a big PRO_FM guy, and even would check out WGNG 
550 in the summertime when I could listen till 8:30PM

-Paul H
Concord NH (Randolph MA back then...)

Heck, earlier in the decade I even would put in the earpiece in while I was 
supposed to be asleep to listen to Ken Mayer (sp?) on 1600 on Sunday 
Nights...I though is was cool that he talked but you couldn't hear the 
listener...that fascinated me for some odd reason

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Wasn't Arnie GM of WBCN for a while in the early 70s?  No format change
during his tenure there (though it certainly would have put a crimp in both
WMEX & WRKO had he put Top 40 on FM in the early 70s.  I don't recall WVBF
ever being much of a player though so maybe it was for the best that he

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> The first clue the Boston papers had about something changing was when
> Arnie Ginsburg was announced as the new station manager of WWEL-FM in
> February 1978.  Jeff McLaughlin,  a very solid pop music reporter, began
> putting two and two together and it didn't seem to him that the station 
> was
> gonna remain beautiful music.  McLaughlin followed the story and he turned
> out to be right. 

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