Kiss 108 (was: Red Sox game)

Kevin Vahey
Thu Jul 14 11:40:31 EDT 2011

VBF picked up steam as the 70's decade progressed - they actually went Top 40 as WKOX-FM around 68 when WJIB took over as king the BM format. Biggest problem FM had was getting into cars - the FM converters were a pain.

Arnie became GM at BCN in 1970

WEEI-FM has the Young Sound from CBS and WBZ-FM was Top 40 for a few years but Westinghouse didn't have a clue what do do with FM

Mac Richmond was offered WBOS-FM for cheap money but he declined as his WPGC-FM in DC did little - he made his money with the daytimer there.

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Wasn't Arnie GM of WBCN for a while in the early 70s?  No format change
during his tenure there (though it certainly would have put a crimp in both
WMEX & WRKO had he put Top 40 on FM in the early 70s.  I don't recall WVBF
ever being much of a player though so maybe it was for the best that he

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> The first clue the Boston papers had about something changing was when
> Arnie Ginsburg was announced as the new station manager of WWEL-FM in
> February 1978.  Jeff McLaughlin,  a very solid pop music reporter, began
> putting two and two together and it didn't seem to him that the station was
> gonna remain beautiful music.  McLaughlin followed the story and he turned
> out to be right.

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