Kiss 108-Rex Sox baseball

Donna Halper
Thu Jul 14 02:11:57 EDT 2011

On 7/14/2011 1:03 AM, Chris Hall wrote:
>   Arnie Ginsburg was not the new GM,
I believe the Boston Globe article from Jeff McLaughlin that I quoted 
said he was station manager of WWEL, and there was a very long interview 
with him about his hopes for the station.

you wrote--
> During the fall of 1980 I was sent to engineer a remote for KISS-108 that had Ron Dwyer spend the night in the Amityville horror house, it was on this trip that I heard and recorded WHLI which I gave to Rich Balsbaugh and Tom Hoyt. They were looking for something to split off the AM telling them my parents would go out of their mind to hear this music again. Arnie contacted Al Hamm and WXKS became MOYL’s fifth station giving 1430 a real identity and ratings for the first time since it went on the air.
That's interesting.  Again, I am not in any way questioning you, since 
you were there.  WXKS changed the music in January 1980 (McLaughlin's 
article was written the week it happened, and what he described 
certainly sounded like Music of Your Life) but perhaps they first did 
their own version of MOYL, and then picked up Al Hamm's syndicated version?

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