Kiss 108 (was: Red Sox game)

Bob Nelson
Wed Jul 13 16:50:27 EDT 2011

I think I also recall that at first both WXKS AM and FM broadcast
disco with the AM doing Music of your Life later.

WWEL and WWEL-FM changed over to WXKS in January 1979 (I need the
> exact date) and at first the two stations simulcast disco.

I think it was January a matter of fact I think I'm right as
the Kiss 108 Myspace page says it was Jan. 15, 1979. The page even has
a reproduction of a bumpersticker saying
"Kiss FM 108 (sic) AM 1430 Disco"> (note it didn't give exact freq., just "108")

When I think of the format change I recall the first episode of WKRP
in Cincinnati where
DJ Johnny Caravella drags a needle across a beautiful music record and
grabs the mike:
"OK Cincinnati it is time for this town to get down! You've got
Johnny...Dr Johnny Fever
and I am burning up in here, whoa!" (That is, abrupt format change)

--Bob Nelson

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