Kiss 108 (was: Red Sox game)

Donna Halper
Wed Jul 13 15:16:25 EDT 2011

On 7/13/2011 2:10 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Hi, Donna and all: While you're at it, was 1430's flip from (I guess)
> WWEL to WXKS (AM) concurrent with 107.9's flip from WWEL-FM to Kiss
> 108?. The 1430 flip might have been from beautiful music to adult
> standards or maybe 1430 was already doing adult standards. In which
> case, had it previously changed calls back from WWEL (AM) to WHIL?

The first clue the Boston papers had about something changing was when 
Arnie Ginsburg was announced as the new station manager of WWEL-FM in 
February 1978.  Jeff McLaughlin,  a very solid pop music reporter, began 
putting two and two together and it didn't seem to him that the station 
was gonna remain beautiful music.  McLaughlin followed the story and he 
turned out to be right.  WWEL and WWEL-FM changed over to WXKS in 
January 1979 (I need the exact date) and at first the two stations 
simulcast disco.  But, to answer Dan's query, the first week of January 
1980 (and again, I could use an exact date), the two stations split 
programming and WXKS-AM became "Music of Your Life."

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