Bloston radio in the Maritimes

Chris Hall
Wed Jul 6 00:41:37 EDT 2011

During my teen years I spent a few weeks of the summer with family in New Brunswick and PEI, I remember on my first trip being amazed
driving through St. John the flawless day and nighttime reception of WHDH, WNAC, WEEI, WBZ, WEZE and WMEX on the Delco radio in
my 63 Chevy Impala.  This continued to Moncton where I had family.  Again staying with cousins on the North Cape of PEI the 50KW’s stayed
very strong and WMEX was listenable.  At night on my GE AM/FM table radio a real surprise with what I heard loud and clear......everything
and more including “The Music Theater station WBOS” as if I were sitting in a house in Oak Hill, a hell of a lot better than at my house in Salem
on the North Shore.
CJRW Summerside 250 watter on 1240 just like being next door day and night at 120 miles, my cousins listened to a station in Antigonish, NS at least
250 miles away day and night on the Canadian GE radio in their kitchen. They had only got electricity in 1965 and purchased their first
TV also CGE while I was there.  I installed an attic antenna system for them. A yagi for channel 2 Moncton and a yagi for CFCY-TV 13 in
Charlottetown,  great reception for 150 miles away. Transmitter antenna heights were under 700’.  FM dial never had anything at all
even on my last trip in the mid 70’ Confederation bridge then, just the ferry, one I recall a being named the Abigweigh
Other AM nighttime reception was out of a DX’ers dream as many part of the island still had no electricity. With PEI’s isolation from
noise I remember hearing anything there was to hear from east of the Mississippi and Eastern Canada loud and clear!

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